September 6, 2021

All things must pass


All things must pass
Photo by N Scot / Unsplash
Photo by Vino Li / Unsplash

Salcombe blues

As I watch the sun sink slowly over the hill, and I contemplate getting something warmer to wear I sink further into the melancholia that hits me this time of year.

Through the ether I got sent a picture of what might have been, and never was. A picture of a house on the North Devon coast, at a place called Instow. Memories, but ones that were not fulfilled. Oh well.

Robert Burton might say that I have too much black bile this time of year. More modern 'geniuses' might think I need a course of antidepressants. But no, I am happy like this. Taking comfort in a rather beautiful sunset. Looking forward to a new dawn.

Life is fragile, like a raindrop on a lotus leaf. And, at least I am not in the private hell of the rather sad individual who stole the contents of a charity box. I believe in Karma, and you will, at some point, experience some form of retribution I guarantee it. The more I live life the more I see Karma operating in every world.

I have a pet theory which is that often creativity is more 'prevalent' in people who suffer from depression. I have no real evidence to support my argument. I see it as some form of 'urban myth' one that does the rounds every so often. A thinkers conspiracy theory?

I tend to feed off of this rather gloomy time of year, autumn where everything begins to shut down and winter throws its icy cloak over our shoulders. I am not a lover of winter. Winter is far too dark and depressive even for me. The nights are too long and our town is far too quiet. To me Salcombe wears a black shroud until the rebirth in spring.

However such a beautiful place as here still has it's charm, and Salcombe is still beautiful in any weather. Devon as a county is such a beautiful one. And hopefully some day I will get a chance to visit Appledore and Instow and contemplate on things that never were.

And who is Robert Burton? A link below.

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