April 9, 2024

Peter Higgs an incredible man


Peter Higgs an incredible man
Photo by Erwan Martin / Unsplash
Bengt Nyman from Vaxholm, Sweden cc attribution 2.0

a giant mind...

Peter Higgs, a Nobel Prize winner was someone who had a mind which led to enormous developments in the field of theoretical physics. He was a member of CND until they opposed nuclear power generation and was an avowed athiest. He was also a member of Greenpeace until they opposed genetically modified organisms. he was a man of principle. Higgs expressed his displeasure with Richard Dawkins after Dawkins called the Higgs Boson particle, the 'God Particle.' He said:

I'm not a believer. Some people get confused between the science and the theology. They claim that what happened at Cern proves the existence of God. The church in Spain has also been guilty of using that name as evidence for what they want to prove. [It] reinforces confused thinking in the heads of people who are already thinking in a confused way. If they believe that story about creation in seven days, are they being intelligent?
— The Guardian, 6 December 2013

He was a brilliant man. Rest in peace.