May 11, 2024


What a view...

East Portsmouth beach Salcombe Devon © Howard Taylor 2024
East Portsmouth Beach with the ferry steps to the left side of the picture. © Howard Taylor 2024

a love hate thing.

I remember as a kid I had a love hate thing about beaches. Going to St. Agnes, Newquay, or Salcombe for holidays in the taciturn weather. I never went to the Bahamas or on cruises to South Africa like some of my relatives. But that didn't bother me. I remember digging a big hole on Millbay beach on the South Portlemouth side of Salcombe to escape the sun's glare.

I think as you get older beaches become more interesting. Good places to walk on, especially on a cool day in winter when you seem to be the only one there, alone in your thoughts and a means of decluttering your mind?

I suppose I am captivated by the azure blue of the water sometimes, and the tide swirling around rocks. Watching the seagulls swirling around watching and waiting to steal a unsuspecting tourists fish an chips. All part of a Devon seaside town.

However sand can be a bit annoying getting everywhere you don't want it to get, and if you are not careful getting burnt by our sunshine. All part of our seaside charm. Wish you were here?