October 17, 2021


I suspect that such achievements will be used the way that humans use so much, and that 'technology' will be used destructively.

Photo by Compare Fibre / Unsplash


Boredom leads to a metaverse of sublime entertainment or enslavement?

I write to fight boredom, sometimes the boredom fights me. At the moment Salcombe is pretty busy, which I suppose is good for the town. As I always say we need tourism, and, as has been proved this year, tourists need us. Because of the virus and other factors seasonal workers have been scarce, and it remains to be seen if out of season workers are available for the winter? Let's hope so.

One of the things that I used to enjoy seeing was the smoke drifting across the town from the serried ranks of our china sentinels, the chimney pots. With the price of fuel rising like, the smoke from a chimney pot, coal and logs may be used all the more this winter? Let us hope that winter is not too cold this year especially for many living in fuel poverty.

Another thing I enjoy seeing are the winter stars, especially Orion's belt, and the Seven Sisters. I hope that this year will be a good one for astronomical shenanigans?

I note that as I write this there are a lot of questions and hopes written on this page. I call this blog Futurologist, because I try to figure out what is going to go on technology wise. It seems that our 'net creators', are thinking how to create a metaverse. Something that will be immersive and something that we can float away on a digital cloud of digital smoke. An immersive digital fog. Digital diazepam. Technology is rapidly moving on to a new way of ensnarement, or entrapment. Soon it may be such, that we can immerse ourselves in a world completely of our 'making', a world where instant sunshine and happiness is all around us? Soon we won't need to 'live' in Salcombe, soon wherever you are you will able to 'live' the 'Salcombe experience'. Timothy Leary would love it? Who needs drugs when you can immerse yourself in a Metaverse? We are at a crossroads, where such technology can be used for real good and for something really tragic. I suspect that such achievements will be used the way that humans use so much, and that this emerging technology will be used destructively. Monkey see monkey do!

We must endeavour to make sure that such developments are used in a positive way, and that is going to be a great challenge, retreating into a Metaverse is not the answer at all, but it is an easy way out?