April 28, 2024

Breaking into heaven


Breaking into heaven
Photo by Laila Gebhard / Unsplash
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Russian roulette

so it seems once again I have dodged another bullet. I wish I could find the perpetrator. Probably me?

So I go on, feeling rough, feeling that the fight is going from me. However, I realise that my karma is only one of the five reasons why I am ill, and instead of dwelling on why me, I should say okay, this has happened to me, so what am I going to do about it. Being in this mindset has kept me alive for twenty one years, and it should be important for everyone to think this way. Revealing the inner Buddha nature in those caring for us is important.

By rising above our problems, and transform our suffering, perhaps we become a beacon of hope to others who are suffering too?

So, its difficult, and surviving a serious illness is difficult. Sometimes I feel alone, but that's my karma?

Again, I have heard of another friend who has cancer. Brutal.

And as for getting into heaven, I don't have a crowbar and a hammer big enough. Those gates look pretty substantial...

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