October 24, 2021

Brick England

Onwards and upwards?

Brick England
Photo by Dollar Gill / Unsplash

Brick England


As well as waiting for the caurosel to slow, the hopefuls have to wait for the earth to settle before they can achieve their dream. The buildings they desire have yet to be built perhaps, and everyone searches for their dream home or sometimes more than one dream home? Often a place to live in for a few weeks a year.

To satiate this demand the diggers dig ever deeper to cram as many objects of desire onto land that is so desirable, so valuable, and some of these new buildings? Well quaint they ain't.

Okay most of the newly built buildings are okay, but the town can only take so much, and soon we will reach a tipping point. For many years I have been arguing that we are approaching a hiatus, but still ever onwards goes the procession of change. It seems that nothing can be done to stop the prospecting for the golden nugget. When will it ever stop? Probably never, so get used to Brick England. After all there's gold in 'them there' hills.

The dream that I had once has gone, now it is somebody elses dream, and this town is built on dreams and desires. Onward and upwards go the condominiums, and the buildings built to entice do what they are built to do. Entice.

I have written before hoping that the town gets some new blood to fill essential roles, that without, the town may become unviable.

Only this week I hear that a family of Salcombe stalwarts have had to move away. This story is not uncommon.

Salcombe Is a Marmite town, you either love it or hate it. I fell in love with this place back in the Seventies, staying with family friends in Devon Road. Our friends are now memories, and the town I love is still here, but it is quickly becoming a town of memories, arn't all towns underbelly built on memories?