July 28, 2023


I wish life was with less Karma drama! #Cancer

Photo by Marcelo Leal / Unsplash
Photo by Olga Kononenko / Unsplash

Well someone had to catch it..

Well it's buggins turn an old phrase but apt considering. No way to sugar the pill but Cancer got me. Type B Non Hodkinsons Lymphoma to be precise a blood Cancer, not related to anything I have done which is slightly comforting, but it is a brutal diagnosis. I have a tumour on my spine and it has knocked out, partially, the nerve signals in my spine making my legs pretty useless and the neuropathic pain is unbelievably painful even high strength painkillers don't really help. I still feel my legs intensely but they just don't work.

My future is uncertain which is a worry, but life the universe and everything goes on. In the scheme of things I am a small cog in a big machine, and most worryingly I cannot find my towel, Hitchhickers fans will get that reference, but most importantly, in hospitals, I cannot find my call bell!

Still fighting...