December 6, 2023

Cancer a journey or a way of rationalising the unknown?

Never give up...

Cancer a journey or a way of rationalising the unknown?
Photo by National Cancer Institute / Unsplash
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A heartfelt thank you.

In many ways it is incredible to think that a few months ago I was facing a grim reality. I thought that I had cancer, when the symptoms became apparent. I kicked myself for not seeing it earlier.

I had stage four cancer, and now I am in remission. Incredible to think. But a fool would think it is over. Using a cliché the journey has begun. Seeing cancer as a journey, is a way that the brain tries to make sense of what is going on?

I cannot belive the dedication and love that has been shown by strangers, and of course friends and loved ones.

On the ward I saw people clinging on to hope, to life, and for them it didn't work out. I wished I could have waved a magic wand and changed their situation. Sadly I couldn't. I will never forget the fear in their eyes. So far my luck has held, after all I am the grandson of a master gambler. One of repute. Who knows how long it will hold? Me, my luck 🍀 often runs out. It's all too good to be true?

I hope that no-one experiences what I experienced. Sadly it will be an all too common experience for far too many.

Someone said I was an inspiration. No, I was a good actor. I was absolutely terrified. Anyone who says that they aren't is a fibber.

You have to make the most of a bad hand. We move on. Metempsychosis. Pythagoras was a fan of this philosophy, before his 🔽 obsession. We move on, death is not the end...

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