April 8, 2022


Farewell Denise...

Photo by Marc Sendra Martorell / Unsplash | Ursa Major.


Recently it came to my attention that one of Salcombe's most interesting people departed this mortal coil, and I felt that I should say a few words about her.

Sadly I could not find a royalty free image of her, even though I had taken pictures of her personally. They have been lost in the digital soup that is my digital life, such is our collective digital world. Some of our data lives forever and some is fleeting and it disappears, bang!

I must admit that I did not know Denise Coffey all that well, but every time I met her she seemed to be full of life, and quintessential British eccentricity, and I do not use eccentricity pejoratively. She was always a joy to meet.

She was an actor, comedian, and writer of some aplomb, and I shared that link with her as I had acted a bit in my youth. Looking through her IMDb history I saw that:

She acted in Sir Fred Hoyle's play, "Rockets in URSA Major," at the Mermaid Theatre in London, England with Sean Scully, Nicholas Selby, Peter Cellier, Mike Gambon, John Pickles, Philip Morant, Ronald Herdman, and John Woodvine in the cast. Peter Duguid was director.

Sir Fred Hoyle was a physicist of some importance, having argued against the Big Bang Theory espoused by Sir Martin Ryle.

I would have loved to see that. Well using a rather cheesey epithet, we are all made of stars. And you were certainly one in my eyes. Farewell Denise.

Below I show a clip of her with Sir David Jason in Do Not Adjust Your Set.