January 8, 2024


A new stage beckons...

Photo by Ning Shi / Unsplash


A friend of mine, John said that once an actor, always an actor. I dispute that, and for once I find it difficult to express how I am feeling. An actor would play their part flawlessly to the end.

My stage, Salcombe has gone dark. It is for others to play their part in the grand facade. To participate in the veneer of beauty that is Salcombe.

I have mixed views about my departure from a town, that is a continuous stage, for a disparate crew to play their part. Now I will be an occasional visitor, a tourist, like so many others.

However I have been blessed with so many memorable moments and that is what many people dream of. Things and places change, as do people. Salcombe was my home, I have seen so many changes, Some for good, some things, not so good. Salcombe has always been in the limelight, the spotlight filtering out the imperfections.

Being an actor is a precarious profession. One minute you are the star, but like all stars, your time is limited. People think its all glamour and glitz, and they are mistaken, most of it is false, and tedious. The la la land that is Salcombe is becoming a soap opera. It has lost the allure that it once had. It's fame has become it's downfall.

I was fortunate to see it in it's heyday, now its past it's prime I think. I remember when you could walk along Fore Street, and you knew pretty much everyone, now it's a carousel, or a swing. Up one moment down the next, round and round it goes. You never know what change you might see. Salcombe is in flux, as are so many places. My city of birth, for instance, has changed so much it's incredible.

There are fragments of the town I knew left, but it is like a cracked mirror now, look into it and it is not the fairest.

So exeunt. A new stage beckons.