May 2, 2024

Under the influence

Don't worry about it?

Under the influence
Photo by Diggity Marketing / Unsplash
a stack of books
Photo by Anik Mandal / Unsplash

movers and shakers

I suppose we all think that we are somehow able to have some influence on the world. I think the only thing I have an influence on is my smart bulbs, and even those little blighters can rebel against my mastery of photons and electrons. Sometimes I think that there is a ghost in the machine. A technology wanting to bite the hand that feeds it.

We all clasp on to the hope that we can have a wider influence on the world. We become immersed in a cauldron of electric social media soup. We, if we are not careful will lose ourselves. As for me I am a lost cause, but in my defence I see the danger in our connected world. It is fake. So for now my fluency in technology is a good thing?