May 12, 2022

A love affair since 1984...

A continuing part of my life since 1984.

A love affair since 1984...
Photo by Julian Hochgesang / Unsplash
Photo by Jason Leung / Unsplash

And so it started?

It is so strange that a moulded piece of ABS plastic and electronic wizardry could start a love affair that started in the early eighties and continues to this day. The Macintosh computer combined disparate technologies, in one package. The graphic design by Susan Kare also helped to create, what I thought at the time, was computational perfection. Who remembers Clarus the Dogcow and the moof sound?

Susan Kare 5th December 2019 photo taken by Cooper Hewitt (Creative Commons 3.0) Wikimedia

It was the design genius of Kare that led to the Macintosh being the computer that the 'cool kids' used. I don't think I was ever a cool kid, but I got the Macintosh bug big time. Somebody one said that if Apple put their logo on dogs mess I would buy it. Well almost but not quite...

Nowadays my Mac addiction has waned, but it is still part of my life and hopefully it will be for many years to come?

Yesterday I learnt that Apple were discontinuing the iPod, I owned a second generation iPod, and it was a clever little thing, a marketing strategy that led to Apple being the multimedia colossus that it is today.

I mourn the Macintosh Server, and a lot of 'stuff' that made Apple a computer company, rather than a multimedia company. Okay Apple have not entirely left their original core market behind. Graphic designers and creatives are still part of the Apple community. Long may it continue...

Original Mac Fonts Chmod007 Wikimedia Creative Commons 3.0

lets end with a system error?