September 1, 2021

It's a wrap?

The continuity director speaks...

It's a wrap?
Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash
Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash

I am sitting in the green room of life. Like so many others...

So as summer ends and autumn begins, the rag tag phalanx of people queuing for sweets outside the pink striped sweet shop, the awkward squad, a Sergeant Major’s nightmare, will grow smaller, and as ice cream sales begin to dwindle, we reclaim our town.

Here on the film set the rushes are edited and sent to print. The Chelsea tractors will retreat to their real home, the mean streets of the King’s Road. The road of Kings?

For now the clapper board will be held upside down, end of the days filming. It’s a wrap, the set will be struck. We wait for a new script to be written. We hope that we will be cast a role. Waiting for the running order. Hopefully not being cast the part of the fool.

Instead of reading ‘The Stage’ or the ‘Equity Journal’ hopefuls will scan the estate agents blurb for their ‘home’ here in la la land. The merry go round that is Salcombe will slow, and new people will get on, some will never get off. I will trundle onwards towards Batson Pier, not realising that Batson Pier is a dream. I like my dream though.

This year has seem the passing of some true stalwarts of the Salcombe scene, but they will not get an obituary in the Gazette, these stalwarts have a very wooden personality you see. These stalwarts are the trees of Salcombe, a special mention should be made of the great leaning eucalyptus tree of Gould Road, that crashed out in an unfortunate style straight through someones garage roof. Gone but not forgotten.

I always suggest that unlike the words of Ivor Cutler, who said that you should befriend a bacteria, you should befriend a tree. We need them now more than ever, they are the sap that our planet needs. I am not barking up the wrong tree.

Try and find some of the Scots Pine trees that are a part of our vista, many have fallen, but some remain. Mourn that our Ash trees will end up like the Elm trees did in the 1970’s but have hope that some fairly young elm trees live here, so there is some good out there.

Watch the images of broken light through the golden leaves, and note that the sun begins to set lower in the sky. Difficult light for filming. At this time on a film set you would use a lot of scrim a cloth that is used in lighting to make things look opaque, dreamy. Very apt for the time of year?