November 25, 2020

Lamentations 1

Lamentations 1

I am not a writer nor an artist of any real merit, my artistic time has long gone and pretension does not suit me, or anyone for that matter.

This year has been a pretty awful one for so many people and every person wishes they could be more supportive to those whose lives are crumbling around them. I wish I could wave a magic wand and solve this crescendo of chaos. Impossible.

Yes, this year has been one of the worst years for a long time and being so introspective lately made me think about ‘stuff’, to try to make sense of things. It is difficult for me. The writer of these words has always been devoid of what normal people possess. I am like a ship at sea, an emotional  Marie Celeste, in so many ways.

This week was an emotional week experiencing a breakdown of, even for me, epic proportions. It is an ongoing situation and I don't think it can ever be resolved. I am alone, and It is a situation that always will be. A sad thing to say but it is true. This is of my creation.

Dear reader, these are ramblings of just another blogger in this digitally overpopulated world. Like so many other people, you can never completely escape your karma, you can chant to change your life and those around you, but you have to live out your karma, and I have a lot of chanting to do, having been given a key to a resolute life. Nobody is perfect we all sometimes flounder in our practice?

Recently, I decided that changes had to be made to move on. The emphasis will change on my blog, and it has a new name from the old. People including me have to be more circumspect in this digital world, and I hope that the writer can blog without being ‘called’ by people who have no ‘saviour-fair’, about them. I gave them ammunition, and they fired it. I said I would return and here I am. My blog will be more introspective more reflective, but will use strength and guile to defeat my protagonists. Begone! You have defeated me once, but this is my revenge. Trolls shall not stop me enjoying my writing, it is a bit hit or miss, to be honest, very pretentious sometimes a bit ‘left field’ but the blog has returned. The second coming? But unlike Jesus the writer will not be crucified by malice...

And the title of my blog, well, just go figure it out?