December 24, 2023

Lost my bottle?

There is a giant teapot circling Venus...

Lost my bottle?
Photo by Akin Cakiner / Unsplash
Probably Ralph Chaplin, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

No gods no monsters.

Sometimes I am given inspiration to write, I start off with, yes let's go. Then after thinking about it I think discretion is the better part of valour. My views on god, and monsters are better kept to myself.

Sometimes you get so annoyed with things that you cannot keep your views to yourself. I find the world so frustrating and annoying. To paraphrase the Private Eye editor Ian Hislop, in a YouTube video, he thought that at the end of the year, 2022, that we had hit the bottom of the barrel. In his interview a few weeks ago, he said that the political situation in the UK had plumbed new depths. It is very true that the political and the international relations field, is critically dangerous. We are in an incredibly fractious and unbelievable phase. We have 'copped' out, the world is burning, we have a war in its second year in the Ukraine, and the situation in the Middle East is tragic. China is flexing its muscles, North Korea is unresolved, and the South American situation is looking grim.

In the UK, we pour untreated sewage into our rivers, we are beginning to realise that our exit out of the EU might not have been wise, and we are on the cusp of recession. Hard fought for freedoms are being taken away from us, we lurch towards the right, our society is under threat. Peoples right to privacy is being eroded. We are becoming (as I have said often before) a surveillance state. Big Brother, is not just a house, or an Orwell novel, but a reality.

For me this year has been an awful one. I was diagnosed with cancer. I nearly died from sepsis, and I am in remission. Cancer is evil. I was lucky. Other members of my family were not so lucky. Without the support of amazing friends, family, and the incredible national health service, I may not have had the chance to carry on.

Whilst on the cancer ward I saw truly brave people, patients and staff. I saw suffering writ large. If you do one thing this year donate to a charity of your choice. In the UK we are lucky 🍀 we have a national health service, a service provider that is on the brink. When we have the general election next year vote for the party that will protect an institution that was forged from the embers of a country that had been ravaged by war. We wanted to create a more equitable society. That egalitarian viewpoint is being destroyed. We need a human revolution. As I said many times before, be realistic demand the impossible.

I share a YouTube video of Stephen Fry, who is far braver than me in saying something. Everyone must keep fighting for a fairer world. Next year is a new start for me, and in the words of the comedian, Dave Allen, a man who I worked with, may your God go with you. By the way I believe in a giant teapot circling Venus. Why? Watch the video.

Pittigrilli, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons