January 20, 2022

Moth to a flame?

Moths and other stuff...

Moth to a flame?
Photo by Rúben Marques / Unsplash

Opening the depths to Hades...

Starting on a rather flippant note if you are an Inspector Clouseau fan maybe I am drawn like a 'muuth' to a flame?

Being less flippant maybe I am drawn to Salcombe like a moth to a flame. In many ways I am not alone in this attraction? In other writings I have written about how I fell in love with a place that often has an attraction like quicksilver. A seductive element, one of beauty and peace. I often talk about how we are facing an uncertain or unsustainable future? But over the past few months I have seen the endless digging for fools gold grow even more frantically and desperately insistent to find 'it'. Sometimes I wonder if we will dig so deep so as to tip the World  off its axis, or wake demons from Hades itself to pour forth down Fore Street...

The past few years have been furious in tempo, at one point last year the South Hams had one of the highest levels of covid in the country. Our little town was invaded by (some) vacuous and insipid people. People who I thought I had escaped from once and for all. People who should know better? Not all visitors Are bad, but there were some who's arrogance brought people to tears and made some leave their work because of bombastic attitudes and a sense of entitlement that they were not entitled to whatsoever.

Entitlement has been a word that I have used often and with a degree of venom attached to it. It is not big or clever to harangue, harrass, or simply bully people who are just trying their best in extremely difficult situations. I must stress that I am not saying that all visitors, investors, or those passing through are all to blame. But there are some who should be respectful, and calm down. Maybe you should find another place, because it is obvious that you just don't get what Salcombe is all about. Park your ego's somewhere more suited to your truculance!