January 30, 2023


Let us go forward together. Quietly! Unless we enrage librarians!

Photo by Kristina Flour / Unsplash
i like the guy taking a photo of me
Photo by Jonathan Harrison / Unsplash


There is a lot to be said for silence, where you can be alone in your thoughts. But, silence has a place, in Trappist monasteries, in Swansea University library, and in space, where no-one can hear you scream. As you can see silence has its place. And let's not forget we have no need for experts after all, we can give idiocy a chance?

I am, at the moment, fixated with the 1980s. We are moving back to the times that I remember, where people fought for their rights and freedoms. People stood up for themselves. Now we will have to do it quietly. Demonstrate silently. Surrealist protests. Comedians of the world unite. It would be amusing to see a group of people march together, united in their silence. We are moving towards a time where any form of protest or dissent is stamped upon. It is no joke.

We as a country protest about other countries civil rights and freedoms, but we are moving towards a state that Winston Smith would comprehend. We must be homogenous, dull, and happy with what we have got, tugging our forelock, and doffing our cap, to be grateful for what we have got. Working for little, and struggling to heat our houses, and put food on the table. Thank you Rishi. Thank you for wrecking an institution that has saved my life more than once. Thank you for making life cold and dark for many. Thank you for making a society that has to be compliant and more than anything quiet.

Thank you, quietly, typing carefully, making sure that my keyboard doesn't clatter, typing within the rules of the new noise abatement act. In this dystopian country we must remember (with apologies to Simon and Garfunkel) to love the sound of silence.

By the way I see the woman with the mohican has got the idea, silence. If looks could convey a thought...