December 2, 2021


The world is still spinning...

Photo by Lennart J├Ânsson / Unsplash
Glass Orb in Study II
Photo by Michael Dziedzic / Unsplash


Sometimes I wish I had the 'brain oomph' to listen to the Reith Lectures on the radio. All about artificial intelligence and other stuff that should really float my boat. Sometimes you wish you had the talent to be more creative, more dynamic, more able. Well sometimes you are indeed 'SOL' and you have to live with your frailties and your realities. Sometimes the realities of life are different from what you wish for.

Brain oomph is something that I am lacking today and sometimes that's how it is, a part of being human. Sometimes you have hardly the energy or effort to lift your head from your pillow. Life is like that. Maybe AI will solve my ills, but somehow I doubt it...

And although most healthcare professionals are absolute legends there are others that sometimes you wish that they had taken up another profession. Living in ivory towers and having the bedside manner of a brick is not helpful, especially when dealing with the frail and the vulnerable. Well done, bravo...