November 29, 2020




I have always been attracted to the Scandinavian oeuvre. I like Ibsen a Norwegian. I like Tove Jansson, a Finn. I also like the detective series Wallander, obviously the Swedish Version. I wear Swedish clothes. I Get on with Scandinavians generally. I even used to know our ambassador to Sweden. I have a begrudging respect for IKEA, although I have never been to one, and ABBA well they are a bit cheesy for me.

But there is one beast that lurks below the depths of the Baltic Sea a monster that strikes fear into the hearts of every salty Swedish sea dog, and that monster is the Kraken.

Be afraid all you good old boys of the United States because the Kraken is awake, and quite strangely it is going to wreak havoc on your electoral system and your lives. The Kraken’s tentacles are going to tear the election result asunder, and Trump will prevail. Please note that the Kraken does not exist. It is a creature of myth and legend. The Kraken is completely mythical and if it was real, it might have its own opinion? Really, you are entitled to your thoughts, but leave Swedish mythology out of the mix, please?

My favourite music track at the moment is Sweden by The Divine Comedy. But as a pedant I must note that Ibsen was Norwegian not Swedish. Still a funny song.

the source of the picture comes from wikipedia