November 28, 2023

The road to hull

The road to hell is not an option...

The road to hull
Photo by James Lee / Unsplash
man in white and black stripe shirt holding black and white board
Photo by Chase Baker / Unsplash

Sorry, hell...

And once again, it came to pass, that a litany of misfits, chainsaw wielding ones too, are ruling the roost. If it wasn't so tragic, it would be funny. However it is no joke. Sadly.

What is really odd is that some of these degenerates wield true power and malevolance. Trying to rule a world that cannot be sustainable forever. Something has to give. Some, like Putin, hanker for the past, a world that never really existed. Vlad would have made a good tsar.

We have anarcho-capitalists like Javier Milei, who looks a bit like a deranged Gene Wilder to me. Even Thatcher, would not have gone as far right as Javier? However, we have people in this sceptered isle of ours who would love to go a bit 'loco', the people being egged on to hanker for being British whatever that is. These people are dangerous. Don't defend Winston Churchill and espouse the UK leaving the European Court of Human Rights, when dear Winston wanted such an organisation after the Second World War. Know your history perhaps, and don't step towards what another Winston, Winston Smith would recognize. Oh, hang on we are already there.

Going back to ararchism, I would strongly recommend a book called, The Government of No One by Ruth Kinna. Anarchism has many forms, it is a broad church, but I think the old members of Class War, would be appalled by Javier? Class War was a product, or was started, by undergraduates at my Alma mater. Just saying...