October 30, 2022


Be realistic, demand the impossible...

Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

Photo by Barbara Burgess / Unsplash
The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.
Quote by Dante Alighieri

So 'Lettuce Liz', got thrown into the bin. She looked okay but when looked at closely she was rotten to the core. And sadly I cant find any bridges to unfurl my banner on, so these words will have to do.

And lo it came to pass that things are falling apart more rapidly, and those of us who want a society that is really built for the many and not the few see the efforts of their forebears cast onto a bonfire. We watch the bonfire fixatedly, seeing the last vestiges of the welfare state being consumed, by flames that lick higher and higher. Soon only ashes will be left, a tragedy of epic proportions.

We see vacuous political crusaders marching as to war. They are fighting an ideological war with the banner of Thatcherism held high. Such a divisive and futile ideology. If you are ill or poor be afraid be very afraid. I hope that the penny drops and people realize what is being done to them, maybe it truly is too late? Welcome to apathy UK?

It is important to note that at the last election the working classes felt let down by our political system. They are 'actually' not participants in the system. They voted for the Tories and wanted Brexit because they felt betrayed by 'the system' whatever that is? The Tories played on distrust and apathy. And, of course, don't forget that 'experts' were to blame for our woes. A big price was paid for blue passports and crowns on the side of pint glasses. Those who wanted us to leave the EU played on people's fears by promising a return to an idyll that never really existed. A fantasy island. Perhaps it would be fair to assert that many people in the UK never really wanted to be part of the European Union, it was viewed with distrust and a lack of understanding. A form of xenophobia?

So why did we get involved in the first place? Well, it's a long story. Since the 1960's old Uncle Sam wanted us to be part of Europe politically and economically, to act as a keystone holding up a strong united bridge against Soviet expansionism. Our part of the bargain was to get the money we needed from the IMF in the early 1970's. Big deals were done in secret. And of course, part of the deal was that we joined the then EEC. Sadly for the earlier stated reasons, many 'manipulated' people hated being part of what became essentially, a confederation. We got concessions to go our own way when Thatcher negotiated 'opt outs' at the Maastrict summit. The signing of that treaty was the beginning of a slow end. And borrowing a line from Harold Macmillan, we once again have been 'selling off the family silver'. Walking away from a European Union that allowed freedom of movement, and a customs union where goods and services could be exchanged freely. Two of many advantages and benefits that have been sold off, by an ideology that many thought had been consigned to the same dustbin that 'Lettuce Liz' got dumped into.

It seems that a 'winter of discontent' in the UK seems inevitable. It could have been so different. So now I stand on a metaphorical bridge, and using a mixed metaphor  I, and many people like me are not waving but drowning?